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The Noongar people invite you to immerse yourself in traditional Noongar culture in a traditional Mia Mia (camp). Sit around an open fire and learn of the spiritual connection the Noongar has with the land.

Experience the sights, the sounds and the skills used to transform a harsh environment into a benevolent one, developed over thousands of years.

Tea Time at the Mia Mia Camp KojonupYou’ll learn of the three types of teatree and paperbark dwellings, how to make and throw a spear, to make a broom and a boomerang, and to make ceremonial music. Be cleansed and purified by the smoke from the Mia fire, and make ceremonial body paint from the ashes.

You’ll see the bush with new eyes when you see it through Noongar eyes - learn of the way the Noongar spirit is one with its environment, and how this instinctive knowledge produces tools, foods and even medicines from the animals, vegetation and terrain which once made up the Noongar world.

Gain a knowledge of how the Noongar lived and survived by using the implements and provisions given by the land, and how this knowledge is connected to the powerful immersion the Noongar has in the natural environment.

And leave refreshed by a traditional snack of damper bread, billy tea and seasonal bush tucker,  with a new understanding of the spiritual link of the Noongar to the land.

(Bookings necessary with the Kojonup Visitor Centre).

Photo .
Making an authentic billy tea at the Mia Mia Camp.